GhanaSat – 1: The first Ghanaian satellite in space

Africa is growing and Ghana is the perfect example. This West African country has successfully launched its first satellite in space, a very good step towards more space technology mastery in this continent.

Ghana has just launched its first satellite in space following an initiative by students of the “All Nations” university in Koforidua. Thus, it joins the already small circle of African countries that have an orbiting satellite. Called GhanaSat -1, the Ghanaian satellite was sent to the orbit of the International Space Center. Shortly after, he sent his first signal successfully. The machine is equipped with cameras capable of taking pictures ofthe country and its coastal areas to have more information about their environment.

The project is the result of work that began two years ago at the “All Nations” University and was launched with financial support from the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) at a cost of $ 500,000. The Republic of Ghana will benefit from this satellite to increase its capacities in mapping and control of information and communication technologies.

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