Ijad Madisch co-founder and CEO of ResearchGate: we learn from failed iterations

On April 13, 2017, The fonder of the professional network Ijad Madisch wrote an article about the idea that researchers must share everything from start to finish. Because of the need for their fialures.

Usually, the researchers share only perfect products. scientific research is based on failed iterations.

He talked about his own experience; he started his medical research in 2002 and ended it in 2010. He said “What I’ve got to show for these eight years are my thesis, 18 articles, 17 conference papers and 69 datasets. What isn’t seen is the thousands of hours I spent working on things that yielded results that I didn’t expect or simply didn’t work”.

Ijad Madisch gave the exemple of Wiebke Kämper and  Anees Chagpar; they published theirs negative results in order that the other researchers invest their time in other topics and options.

“science is inherently collaborative”

reference: scientificamerican.com

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