Industrial farming would be comparable to “rape”

Intensive farming is an industrialized farming that aims to increase the yield of that activity.

Joey Carbstrong, the vegan activist was confronted with a couple of breeders, the English channel ITV broadcasted a program about the act. Faced with breeders, Joey Carbstrong said that artificial insemination on animals is a rape. The farms couple tell that they received a death threats because of their breeding methods.

According to Joey Carbstrong, The cows are murdered for their bodies, they are artificially inseminated with a fist in the anus when they can no longer produce. Dairy industry practices are compared to sexual abuse, and he said that if was a human being it would have been called.

He defends the right of animals in Australia, UK, USA, and Hong Kong recently. He uses social media for creating buzz such us Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Youtube. After spending six months in prison for possession of firearm, he has changed, he became vegan for ethical and health reasons.

After his mission in the TV Joey Carbstrong is considered “aggressive” and “unreasonable”.

The vaginism debate remains open and a sensitive discussion.





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