Long Sprint Abilities in Soccer: Ball vs Running Drills

Long Sprint Abilities in Soccer: Ball vs Running Drills

Castagna C, Francini L, Póvoa S CA, D’Ottavio S

Long Sprint Abilities in Soccer Ball vs Running Drills


Purpose: To examine the acute effects of generic (Running Drills, RD) and specific (Small-Sided Games, SSG) Long Sprint Ability (LSA) drills on internal and external load of male soccer-players.

Conclusion: The results of this study showed the superiority of generic over specific drills in inducing LSA related physiological responses. In this regard production RD showed the higher post-exercise BLc. Interestingly, individual peak blood-lactate responses were found after the NMT 30s all-out test, suggesting this drill as a valid option to RD bouts. The practical physiological diversity among the generic and specific LSA drills here considered, enable fitness trainers to modulate prescription of RD and SSG drills for LSA according to training schedule.

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