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Interview : Miss Gabon tells us about the secret of her success

Scientific-Collector is interested in the lifestyle of celebrities in their professional career, especially about their program training, their diet, their attitudes…The beautiful, Hillary Ondo, was our first guest. It was an interesting discussion about her secret which make it a success story in Africa.

This interview is trying to show for all a success story of sport’s women who has succeeded in her professional career as a miss by keeping a sublime body and taking care of her lifestyle. Scientific-Collector chooses Hillary Ondo, The Miss of Gabon, as a model. And here is the entire interview we have done with it.

Miss Gabon : The Interview

Who is Hillary Ondo?
” Hillary Ondo, a 22-year-old woman from Gabon, I was a miss Gabon and subsequently I had quite a few international titles. For example Miss Gabon, Miss Africa in two times, Miss Supernational et Miss Globe Africa thereafter.Today, I am pursuing my studies in journalism in Tunisia, and I have some many others projects for the future. This is Hillary Ondo.

What do you do in Tunisia?And what about your future?
“This year, I am in the year of license. I prepare my studies project in journalism. About my future, I would like to become a great reporter; therefore, I do a lot of small reports. But in the meantime, I increase my experience as an event presenter.These are the activities that I do in parallel. And by the way, I co-organize a beauty contest that I present every year and we are in the 4th edition, the contest of Miss Africa Tunisia. Every year, we organize this competition and let me tell you that in 2015, Tunisia had won it.

How did you discover you and your body potential as a model?
“How I discovered my body, it was about 16, 17 years old, I used to hear Hillary you should do a mannequin, youre big, youre rather pretty. So, after I learned that the Miss Gabon contest was coming, I told to myself why not, it would be the opportunity to live a beautiful experience, to make an address book, and after it will come what will come. I wasn’t sure of winning, but afterwards I was pleasantly surprised to win this title and thereafter all that followed me.

Interview realized by the staff of Scientific-Collector.To have the translation, activate the subtitles (English)

So, what represent the women’s body for you ?
“The woman body represents for me the temple of humanity. That is to say, it is very precious, it is still the woman who gives life, it is a very important phenomenon.

How often do you do physical activities?
“At what frequency? Already, every day I do abs in the morning and evening, I do 20 in the morning and 20 in the evening. And I do the daily walking also, I walk as much as possible because it is very good for the body, for blood circulation, for the heart and I go twice a week to the gym.

Many peoples think that “The Style in not a size but an attitude”, to what degree it affects your training program?
“Ah ok, how often it affects my program? Already, it affects my program in the sense that I don’t want to take too much weight, no more be too thin, I try to keep a standard size. As soon as I see that I have lost too much weight, I take a break in my training, but I continue my walk and monitor my diet. But then, for style, I think it’s mostly a matter of self-confidence, no matter how big you are, as long as you have self-confidence and you‘re confident, you can wear all and anything and be beautiful.

Have you a coach or you are yourself one?
“No, I do not have a coach, but, I take a coach every time I go to make an international contest. But for everyday life, I do not have a coach. I dress myself on my own, I train on my own as much as I can.

What about your diet?
“About my diet, already the most important thing, for me, is breakfast, because with a good breakfast, we are guaranteed. So at midday I make the effort to eat and the evening to eat, but very light maybe a soup I prefer vegetables because it is very important and after why not fish. But, I avoid all that is fat already, mayonnaise, too much oil, it’s not good even for health.

How many portions of foods and vegetables do you eat a day?
“Good already, it is advisable 5 fruits and vegetables per day.Therefore, if I can exceed these quota side vegetables and fruits why not. But we end up once a day in the midday meal and between meals, if I want to eat or nibble, I eat an apple or a banana.

What do you think about vegan peoples?
“About vegetarians, especially i’m not vegetarian.I see the fight they lead because that it‘s noble and it‘s to be respected, but personally I can’t do without the meat.

You know that the spirit and the body are one entity and all that touch one, will have obviousness on the other, certainly after doing exercices, the subject feel something in his mind. Hillary, do you meditate ?
“Well, I don’t specially meditate, for example, yoga, but I have already had to try and I think it really takes a lot of concentration to be able to reach this degree where you feel your mind in agreement with your body.And I think I still have exercises to make me on this point.

Scientific-Collector is thankful to Miss Gabon Hillary Ondo, the best example of stars who take care about their bodies to success in their professional life.

To finish, we insist at the fact that you can’t became a success story without a strict diet based on a scientific approach that determines the physical activities to do, the diet to follow and the hygiene life to practice.

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