NASA announces a mysterious revelation for Wednesday

A mysterious revelation for Wednesday, February 22 …This is what NASA has just communicated. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, The space agency is to host a major press conference on Wednesday to reveal a discovery beyond our solar system’.

The event has been kept secret until now. It will present news findings on planets that orbit stars other the sun, but all other details have been kept secret ahead of the announcement happening at 1 pm ET on Wednesday. However, there are forecasts circulating about the possibility of announcing a possible life on its stars, also called “exoplanets.

The event will be streamed live on NASA’S television station and on its website. On the other hand, scientists from the Spitzer telescope will attend the conference. About Spitzer, he observes the exoplanets in transit in infrared wavelengths, and has helped to plot and characterize many, including the confusing details of planetary atmospheres.

So NASA gave us an appointment this Wednesday for an extremely important planetary innovation, we are very curious to know the continuation.

You can watch the live on NASA TV.

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