Science confirms: to stop smoking, you have to stop coffee

Some researchers say that the desire to combine cigarettes and coffee would have a biological explanation,: cigarettes accelerate the elimination of caffeine by the body.The smoker can thus drink more coffee without being inconvenienced.
Take a little coffee to accompany your cigarette.You have more coffee, so light a new cigarette! Many smokers admit it: The association coffee/cigarette seems so nice that it could be natural and biological according to study’s English and Danish. The results confirmed the existence of this vicious circle! Every ten cigarettes smoked by an individual also increased his daily consumption of coffee a cup per day. An association was much lower in tea drinkers (0.4 cup extra for 10 cigarettes), perhaps because this drink contains much less caffeine (about half less).

Less coffee to stop cigarettes

For the researchers, it is indeed caffeinet would explain the success of the coffee/cigarette. Its elimination by the human body would be accelerated by the smoke of the cigarette, which would favor the release of an enzyme involved in its metabolism. Smokers would therefore be particularly fond of coffee, simply because their tolerance level would be higher.
A phenomenon to be taken into account when stopping cigarettes: the consumption of coffee must also be reduced, otherwise its effects will be increased tenfold, and unconsciously, a cigarette will be used to reduce them. And then to be able to throw a little last, very tight!

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