Norway : McDonald’s releases a vegan burger

A great thanks for you, McDonald’s has adapted its sandwiches to your tastes. The American brand has just launched its new sandwich for vegans, exclusively for the Norwegian market … for now.

Called Veggie McSpice, it exists in vegetarian or vegan version (with or without cheese). The traditional beef steak is replaced by an alternative made up of red beans, carrots, green peppers and onions.

McDonald’s responds to a request from its customers, who have come forward to get a vegetarian burger. Moreover, it is cooked away from others, never to be in contact with the meat.

In reality, this is not McDonald’s first offer for vegetarians, which is rather developed in some countries like India, where nearly 40% of the population are vegetarian, but also in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, or Saudi Arabia.

Here it is! 🎉 Norway has been selected to be one of the countries that McDonald’s decided to launch their new vegetarian/vegan burger!!! 😆🇳🇴 As far as I know for now, the patty is made from beans and some veggies. The taste is kinda spicy but pretty good, as those who’ve tried already saying. Seems tempting, but a bit pricey for me, as a foreign student staying in Norway. Will probably not try it out though. Besides, I can make myself some damn good patty already. 😏 But still, it’s always good to see non vegan brand – especially the huge corporation like McDonald’s – offering vegetarian/vegan meal options! 😋 #vegan #veganism #veganfastfood #veganburger #veganfood #veganfoodshare #mcdonalds #veganmcdonalds #veganinoslo #veganinnorway #veggiemcspice

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