Yves Lenoir talks about didactic but what about it in Tunisia ?

In 2002, Yves Lenoir wrote “Research in the field of didactic: Some Proposals about the search types, their relevance and limitations for training education.”
The article firstly is interested in the contribution of research in disciplinary didactic: the epistemological orientations of dialectical type. Attention is focused on the specificity of each discipline taking into account the cognitive processes in a constructivist perspective; the author appeals for the existence of different approaches in didactic. Finally, and the very important thing he raises some problems to which research in Didactic is confronted.

The didactic according to Yves Lenoir

First, the theory-practice articulation in teaching education. Second, the social and historical perspectives in which knowledge is registered. Third, The evaluation of the dialectical perspective and the trend to reify knowledge. The last, the function of the subject in the didactic relation.
In a recent joint article, Lacotte and Lenoir (1999) show, both for France than for Quebec, that the place of didactic posed a problem in the Education.
In Quebec, their existence is totally ignored official government publications that regulate the production of training curricula, and the practitioners do not make any reference to it, but they are explicitly identified in the university curricula. In France, according to Lacotte (1992), they occupy an ambiguous place in teacher education.
The didactic is one of the most dynamic objects of research in education. Several currents come against the “didacticism” which characterizes the traditional methods and approaches to teaching and many attempts want to find a didactic that based on psychology genetics of Piaget.

The results of research in didactic were an undeniable contribution for education. They have contributed profoundly over the last 30 years to redraw the landscape of training education. One of the fundamental contributions of this research comes from the epistemological posture that animated his emergence.
Problems which research in didactic is confronted such us:
1- Theoretical-practical articulations in training education.
2- Social Contextualization.
3- The relationships to knowledge and the subject.
The didactic is an intervention discipline or it always involves an intervention aim.

this context is an opportunity to talk about this field, to insist on the conditions of research in tunisia and especially in didactic.
Does Tunisia benefit from the work of its researchers?


Lacotte, J. et Lenoir, Y. (1999). Didactics and professional practice in preservice teacher education: A comparison of the situations in France and in Québec. Instructional Science. An International Journal of Learning and Cognition, 27(1-2), 165-192 (Numéro thématique: «Didactics in the French Speaking World»).

Lenoir, Y. (2000). La recherche dans le champ des didactiques: quelques remarques sur les types de recherches, leur pertinence et leurs limites pour la formation à lÂ’enseignement. Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Bildungswissenschaften, 22(1), 177-222.

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